Paradise 360° - Verona - Italy
μολὼν λαβέ, 
Molòn labé
Vieni a prenderle.

μολὼν λαβέ, 
Molòn labé
Vieni a prenderle.

I’m Stefano Emanuele, deto per gli amici.

deto for friends. for ALL my friends.

all of you.

This is MY Paradise 2.0.

Ops, sorry, it’s noy MINE…. Alone you can never leave into a real Paradise….

So, better, it is OUR PARADISE 2.0.

Please, join us.

Our doors are always open for anybody.

We are waiting for all you.

Please, join us.

Together, we will live better.

We want to live together free, pure, happy, full of joy.

starting NOW!

why waiting for Heaven in the sky?

Our Lord said:

become Saints,

all of you,

and start now Paradise on earth.

And then live on Paradise until your second life,

on sky, on Heaven.

Please don’t wait anymore.

Start now.

Join us.

We are waiting for YOU.

Thank you bro.

Thank you sis.

Let’s dance together.

Let’s sing together.


Full of joy.

Finally together in peace.


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