Paradise 360° - Verona - Italy

AI & Wearables think tank

This Think Tank has as the goal to investigate, to project and to go to market with new software solutions for helping athletes, professionals or not professionals, to improve their phisical, mental and technical abilities.

Giulio Rattazzi is the Think Tank leader.

He is a veteran athletic trainer for professionals and amatiuers in several sport disciplines.

His passion for informatics made him a unique profile for research aid developing this new platform.

Giulio shared with Stefano De Togni a common wide and long term vision about this new platoform.


Carlo Munari is a non professional runner always open to talk about new ideas and with many sport contact in several disciplines.

Rezart Stafa has been a professional classic ballet dancer and now is co-founder  and teacher at the Nuovo Balletto Classico  of Reggio Emilia.

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