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We need to have an “Internal list” of people partecipating at the project, but until we have no signed the contract it is better, for users privacy (some of you are well known professionals and they have to move carefully, overall into a public webspace), not to share with anybody else but our members’ group. 

Zimbabwe as been choosen as the pilot country for the first African Automobile District for the first  African Car Brand just for his particularly wealth of essential minerals and row materials and for the possibility to reach the seaside trough an existing higway for trading car components and finished cars with Europe, firstly, and into a second phase in other parts of the world. 

On the other side, African Car Brand internal market trading with African countries needs a well structured logistic which has to be permitted by a modern highway infrastructure for goods and spare parts transportation, with zero african custom barriers, and with fair geopolitical conditions in Zimbabwe and into the surrounding countries. 

Into this Think Tank, Cristiano Michelotto, owner of Michelotto Automobili in Padova, brings his unique knowledge and experience in handmade Ferrari Race Cars (which partecipate and win since 20 years in Les Mans, for example).

His personal experience and his high specialized engineers and mechanics knowledge and experince are essential in order to implement in the safer and less risky way a plan for an complete Automotive District at Harare, in the middle of Africa, in a country like Zimbabwe, where it is essential to create a well organized logistic and supply chain, starting from residential mines of minerals and row materials.

Here is the Michelotto Dealer Service website:  

We have a drive folder shared between all of us:
If you cannot access to it please let me know (Stefano) and I will abilitate you.


Stefano De Togni

Rosita Bhagwandin

Stefania Sommariva
Automotive Sales and After Sales Senior Advisor

Mario Burigo
Electric Engine Inventor & Enterpreneur

Roberto SEgala
R&D Electronics & Software

Pierangelo Albertini
CFO & Business Development

Paolo Iabichino
Communication & Art Director

Enrico Pandian 
Innovation & StartUp

Suor Teresita Cortes Aguirre
Academy & Knowledge Transfer

Suor Teresita Cortes - TT Automotive - Mexico

Emanuele Mosca
Academy & Knowledge Transfer

Mauro Visintainer
Marketing & Strategy

AnneMarie ThorNelsen
Real Estate Senior Advisor

Mario Marinoni
IT System Integrator Manager

Georgia Badelt
Green Energy and Infrastructures Development Countries' Governments Senior Advisor

Padre Francesco Pierli
Academy & Knowledge Transfer

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