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Gary Smith III

Dear Friends, we are happy to announce our first Diplomatic Ambassador: H.C. Gary Layne Smith III.

Dear Friend we are really glad to say our warmest welcome to our first Diplomatic Ambassadors from our SC friends H.C. Gary Layne Smith III from the Kingdom of Pictland.

Already Emanuele Mosca between our first friends, is a SenatusConsultum Ambassador.

We hope this will be only the first step for an integration between different geopolitical organizations which can effectively help Governments of different Coutries to reach 2030 SDG and go ahead solving enormous issues our Countries and Earth are facing in these years.

We shared our vision and values with Richard and we have found a total agreement on both.

So He gently assured us his total support.

We are all aware that we are facing a 5 – 10 years which are determinants for the future of Humanity.

We are here.

We stand up.

We have a plan.

We will fight.

We are fearless.


Thanks Gary for join our family!

Senatus Consultum

Senatus Consultum

SC is a Senate of Leaders (C- Level from various sectors, Board of Directors, Supervisory Boards, Captains of Industry, Presidents, Scientists, Spiritual / Religious Leaders, Ministers, Philanthropists, Professors, Ambassadors in Music, Sports, Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Inspirational people and stories) all working together in the form of an inspiration and experience carrousel. They all earned respect by building up their reputation in various sectors within a broad spectrum of fields and have the same view of the world. It can be different and they are willing to show this. Taking the oath of loyalty, fidelity and integrity and serving SENATUS CONSULTUM "Conscriptus Electus" (SC) and recognize such Society acting in full respect of the Code of Conduct without using credentials and new position within SC to personal profit, but in order to pursue peace and prosperity for Humanity.

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