Paradise 360° - Verona - Italy

Ivan Ulmann

Like Baby of Life, Protected and carried over miles, Patiently waiting until the big day arrives…, Exited grabbing for the Word and light…, Innocently born without a plan where to go…, Only looking for truth and love…, No trace to follow, only your own to discover…, Learning slow by learning fast…, Growing into life, Filled with God’s grace…, Adventurously playing by saving experience…, Falling to stay awake and firmly after…, Only looking for the path…, Unique and so special like no other kind… Helping others to find your own soul… Following a million of things…, Until the day we catch the dream… and kiss him alive…, Always thinking it wasn�t the last…, To continue chasing rainbow colors at the sky… Only looking for hope before life dies…, Ahead still a thousand years to discover…, Watching passed rains and suns from far…, Finding peace in balance and harmony…, Until the day we are facing the circle of life… And realize there is no end only a start for living…

Your light is like of many fallen stars
Beautiful and mysterious are your spells
Tradition is your weapon,
Receiving worship you most high aim,
You made drunk all the nations,
With wine of your deceitful teaching,
You call yourself the center of the world,
Indeed, all streets end in your city.
You care to make “love" with many lovers’,
While you say “I AM” your only one,
You invite everybody to eat from your table,
Seducing all kings to build you a great tower,
And an earthly kingdom for the next thousand years,
But let me tell you…
There is no freedom in your kingdom,
Nor liberty will prevail,
You gather the people to rebel against me,
Uplifting yourself above all heavens,
While concerning the people of the land with your laws,
Invading their conscience with your falsehood,
As with your fallen sense of morality,
You make them break all my ten.Who gave you permission to change my law of liberty?
Who allowed you to distort my time?
You command your daughters to dance and they dance,
Tantalizing and tempting the faith of many forwards to destruction,
Divide and conquer is your field and passion,
Then I know, your generals perfected “The Art of War”,
You take and add to my word however it pleases you,
As the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
Mysterious is your name,
Mother of ALL…
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