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Paradise360 will be the first ethical marketplace to use Next Index for evaluating ethical requirements of its suppliers.


Next Index Structure

NeXt Index: il primo passo per la misurazione della sostenibilità


The Participatory Self-Assessment procedure of the NeXt Index is carried out online on the website (for companies, the system will refer to the NeXt spinoff portal after registration and activation of the user profile.

By accessing the questionnaire part, the 6 areas of interest will open one after the other, where for each indicator, all subjects must assign a score from one to five.

The score must be accompanied by links and documents that certify the organization’s actual commitment in that particular area, such as a link to the web pages of a specific project, a communication product, an official document or other material useful for demonstrating a strategic commitment in that area.

Once the Questionnaire has been completed, the NeXt Ethics Committee will initiate a validation process prior to online publication in the Good Practices for Sustainability section.

Leonardo Becchetti Comment


The process of aggregating the scores assigned to each indicator of the NeXt Index uses the weighted Mazziotta-Pareto Index (MPI). This methodological choice was made to take into account the elements of variability and the weighting between the values, in a multidimensional and participatory assessment perspective. In other words, the total average score (by area and overall) must take into account both the importance attributed to each of its elements by the stakeholders, and the horizontal variability between them, to avoid the risk that subjects who record higher average scores also have a consistent difference in individual scores

Next Index Self evaluation

Data processing returns a series of numbers, useful for reading various information: the total score obtained the score of each indicator; the scores obtained for each area; the percentage of commitment with respect to the BES domains – Fair and Sustainable Wellness the percentage of commitment to the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goal Agenda 2030 These percentages are among the most innovative elements: compared to other socio-economic-environmental impact assessment tools, each indicator is characterized by a BES domain and sustainable goal of the 2030 Agenda. A first significant indication for placing the shares of companies , organizations and Local Authorities in the corresponding areas of interest of the BES and on which of the 17 SDGs they go to work on.

For further information, please have a look to the AICCON Working Paper.

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