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We are delighted to announce you our first P360 Think Tank: the Plastic & Polymer Think Tank, leaded by Yogesh Hindustany and kindly supported by Satnam Deuchakar.

We are delighted to announce you our first P360 Think Tank, the Plastic & Polymer.

This Think Tank has been created thanks to initiative of our Ambassador Yogesh Hindustani, from India, a veteran inventor, enterpreneur and business man in Plastic & Polymers industrial sector.

Yogesh proposed to create an uninformal group of influential industrial sector leaders to manage the critical path towards a better world withoud plastic pollution.

There is a definitive solution, and we can achieve this astonishing goal with the right leadership and committment of all the Institutions, Organizations, Companies and Associations involved in this sector all around the world.

We only need a clear vision, a strong will, a common base of values, namely the Common Goodwill for all the Stakeholders and not only for the Industrial sector companies shareholders.

Satnam Deuchakar,  CEO DEuchakar Group, kindly support this initiative.

Stefano De Togni, Paradise360 founder, is proud to host in Paradise360 website this important Think Tank.  

This group is an “invitation only” Group, but we are likely to admit all people influent in the sector who wish to be part of this challanging change.

Let’s keep in touch. We will inform about our path and future steps.

Please go to our Think Tank Page:

Plastic & Polymers Think Tank


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