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We present you our new Ambassadors from India and Egypt:

1. Yogesh D. Hindustani – India

Yogesh has Graduation in Chemical Engineering and Business Management and after working for 33 years in highly reputed companies in Senior Management roles, started OM Consultants in February 2007 and were consultants to large Chemical Companies for their application work in Polymer Industry, and Management Consultants.
A polymers professional with past experience in operations,marketing and technical services and focus on entrepreneurship and INNOVATIONS and converting the pathbreaking innovations focussed on human life environment science and technology and health in my company om innovations into proprietary polymer technologies in my new company Shiv-sai innovative technologies converting the vision of om innovations into mission of Shiv-sai innovative technologies Vadodara and it’s truly a mission in which all my experience and knowledge of several years in varied segments of polymer and related industries is put as cost effective technologies. have also started leadership development training. Shiv-sai innovative technologies the mission which will serve the industry and society for a long time. thus a small beginning made13 years ago as a professional consultant has culminated in the mission and i am the chief missionary.
1. Om Consultants
Consultants to Carbon black,Titanium dioxide,pthalocynanine pigments,Carbon black dust extraction,ABS and petroleum additives. Tenure=5 years
2. Om Innovations
Innovations in flame retardants,plastics recycling,engineering plastics,transparent impact modifiers and antioxidants
Tenure=7 years
3. Shiv-sai innovative technologies
Converted 40 innovations in Om innovations into 20 proprietary polymer technologies
Tenure=1 year 7 months
Deuchakar website
covid 19 seeded the concept of
global technology the
vision of my company
I am NOT an information technology expert but a polymer technology expert
With effect from today i.e. 12th October 2020 we merge with Deuchakar group of companies UK as GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY PARTNER for their massive growth plans based on INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES
Pioneer and founder.


2. Tamer DIAA, Egypt.
Ambassadorship SkyH2o California USA Africa & MENA
Consultant en Nano Technology as Exclusif Agent Morocco & Africa’s Legal Dstributor of Dena Uk
Consultant en Oil, Gaz & Gold
En relation directe avec la présidence du groupe :
et en partenariat avec d’autres producteurs et Traders en Afrique, Europe et USA.

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