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We present you our new Ambassadors:

1. Ana-Maria Tolomei . – Art Ambassador – Romania

I value authenticity, empathy and harmony and have a genuine curiosity of the depths of human nature.
Like flowers in the spring, my creativity can bloom even after the darkest of seasons.
Constantly improving, I am thoughtful,  generous, open-minded, passionate.
I am also overly idealistic, highly self-critical, conflict averse, private and reserved.
My personality can draw from my inner depths to pull out exquisite interpretations of the Creator’s work.
A service career is most rewarding as I take pride in the progress and growth.
Finally,  I am keen to live in tune with my values in any aspect of my life.

2. Yousuf Ibnul Hasan – Social Banking and Applied Finance – Pakistan

Director of Planning & Development, Program Consultant Islamic Banking and Applied Finance, Teacher, Trainer, Broadcaster and Columnist.

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

I was born in a family of scholars, writers and intellects, having outstanding contribution and achievements in their profession. With the academic and corporate experience of 44 years and in blessings of Almighty Allah I am a globally distinguished scholar and a facilitator, educationist, teacher, trainer, broadcaster and columnist.
1982 started associated with Islamic Banking and accumulated immense experience as an Islamic banker from renowned financial institutions.
Have rich exposure and skills to develop and deliver training programs in the field of Islamic Banking, Finance, Economics, Commercial Banking Management and Media Law.
In Teaching, Training and Academia Management, I contributed to Curriculum Designing, its Standardization, University Policies, Procedures, Code of Conduct, Regulatory Affairs, International Relations, Student Affairs and Student Counseling.
Spoken to over 7,000 professionals, 50,000 apprentices and 600 Scholars including around 3,000 non-Muslims in 23 countries in 38 years.
I pride in significant success for countless Financial Projects and trained educationists, in Islamic economics and finance.
I received numerous awards and recommendations on professional services, abilities and performance.
Global Accomplishment from 1982
-Join Islamic Banking in 1982 at the UK
-Member 1st badge of Post-Graduates in Islamic Banking & Economics under the guidance of Dr Ahmad Al Najjar, 1983
-Team Member for designing 1st Fund Management System & Unit Valuation for MFIB, Bahrain.1985
-Founder Member 1st Islamic Bank of Pakistan MFIB 1987
-Founder Member Int. Housing Finance Ltd. Pakistan, 1995
-An innovator in design 1st Mortgage Finance Training Program in Pakistan 1995
-Innovator in Designing Curriculum & Teaching Islamic Banking for IBFM Pakistan for BBA & MBA. 1997
-Innovator of the Numerical in Financial application on Ratio instead of Rate. 1998
-Innovator to structure 1st Ijarah of Media House for Broadcasting Equipment 1999
-First to introduce Islamic Banking & Finance to Religious Scholars at Jamia Islamia, Clifton Pakistan 2001
-One of Pioneer in designing academic courses on Islamic Banking, Economic, Finance, and Islamic Jurisprudence & Takaful for IQRA University Pakistan for BBA & MBA level. IQRA University ranks 1st first to introduce Islamic Banking & Finance for BBA and MBA 2006.
-First banker to introduce Islamic Finance & Sukuk in China, 2009
-1st Pakistani to address IFC Conference at Marrakesh, Morocco. 2012
-Developer 1st Riba Free Mortgage product on Islamic Ijarah/ Morabaha finance mode 2018


3. Farooq Sikander – WW Aviation Ambassador – Pakistan

Chief Executive Officer at Global Aerospace Spares

40 years of successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations. Presently, CEO Global Aerospace Spares and Executive Consultant for IT, mobile financial services and business development. I have extensive experience in managing business development, sales and support of Data Centre, Office Automation Products, Self-service banking solutions, Document Management Systems, Workforce Management Solutions and Security Solutions. Experience in development and implementation of Quality Management Systems and ISO 9000 certification. Management experience in IT project development, implementation and technical support.



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