Paradise 360° - Verona - Italy
Mary Jane Tabobo

We will present better out new Ambassadors in the coming next days.
1. Ritchie Yong
Paradise360: Asia Pacific Belt & Road Ambassador
President at ASEAN OBOR Research Academy International Leadership Fellow at St George’s House, Windsor Castle

2. Ali Naqvi Syed
Paradise360: WW Aviation Ambassador
Chairman, Geschaft Group, Aviation company.
PhD in management from Heildelburg University from Germany. I did served in Aga Khan Hospital, UNDP , IFRC in 2005 Pakistani Earthquake. I did welfare job for Hepatitis patients for providing interferon injections for each patient’s free of cost with y pocket. I am doing cancer patients free of cost. I am a chairman of Geschaft Group company a Aviation company. I am establishing Air Ambulances set up in Pakistan because it’s necessary in mountain area in Pakistan because too difficulties there.I got Silver medal from British Queen and a certificate from Russian for Pakistan and russian bio lateral relationship. EU give me Eu Entreprseur Club Ambassador.

3. Nicholas King
Paradise360: Australian Ambassador
Investor – Mergers & Acquisitions Blockchain- Cryptocurrency- Investment Bank -Crypto Currency Trading Family Office – Hedge Fund
Sydney, Nuovo Galles del Sud, Australia

4. Mary Jane Tabobo
Paradise360: Philippine Ambassador
Proprietor at MJX Pharma and Medical Supplies Trading

5. Nigel Essex, IDipSM
Paradise360: EAU HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality ) Ambassador
Hygiene, Occupational Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Professional

6. Olumide Idowu
Paradise360: Onlus/No Profit Organization Ambassador
Youth Focal Point at UNDP Small Grants Programme. Activist | Environmentalist | Climate Change Expert | Social Storytelling | Consultant | Research | Social Media Expert

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