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We present you our new Ambassadors from USA, Philippines, Egypt, Italy, Canada and Dubay:

  1. Sir Edward Artis, Diplomatic Ambassador, Philippines.
As some Background I am providing you a copy of our recent interview on Global News Network (GNN), Makati City..
GLOBAL NEWS NETWORK (GNN) in the Philippines “Open House with Gerry Cornejo features “BEYOND THE CALL” with Sir Edward Artis and Adrian Belic..”

And trust me I am very grateful for everyday that I wake up and don’t find that I died in my sleep..I am not trying to be overly morbid here but I have lived a GREAT life..and I am going to continue to do my best until I draw my last breath..
I have tried my best and have really been a Warrior WAGING PEACE around the world for about three decades it seems..Since my time in Vietnam in the 1970s Cambodia 2000
PLEASE reach out and get a copy of this book ” Powerful Peace..” by J Robert DuBois that you can find about and order at:
READ it and share it..
This could be ONE of the ANSWERS we have been looking for..
As many of us will never come back from our wars..EVER..even though have we tried..PTSD and TBI can still be our killers in the end..
God Bless the PEACEMAKERS..
Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
And lastly, I am very proud of my small role in Adrian Belic’s Feature Documentary “Beyond the Call .”
Ed Artis-Makati City

2. Assem Mussa – Human Right Ambassador – Egypt

Mr Assem Abdel Hamied Moussa,Indian Achiever Award 2021,INT Award for peace Books 2020, Global Good Will Ambassador, GlOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE &CHAIRMAN (EGYPT) TO REPRESENT INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ADVISORY COUNCIL,Global Ambassadors Common Wealth Entrepreneurs club ,2015 Bristol PHD, president of SRC, ASDF (association of scientist , developer, faculties)in Africa ,My Efforts AND ACTIVITIES as ASDF AFRICA PRESIDENT LEAD ASDF(association of scientist ,Developer,Faculties) TO Participate in WSIS (WORLD SUMMIT FOR INFORMATION SOCIETY) AND UNITED NATION Events at year 2015 for the 1st time in ASDF history, MEMBER OF ASDF Governing Council,Member of United Nation in High Level Meeting for SDG 2015-2030 in Sept and Dec 2015 at UN Head quarter AT NY, High Level Speaker in United nation for World Summit Information SOCIETY WSIS 2015, and winner of Best industrial researcher by Asdf in Dec 2014 as 1st one not only from Egypt but also from Arab and Africa countries ,and titled 2 times as E commerce global expert 2014-2015 AND Life Time Achievement by intercontinental who’s who and member of international and intercontinental who’s who, Member of IEEE , also international journals Author for papers in new technology cloud of things in IJIRD Journal, editor and international conferences program Chief -Guest Honor,Publication Chair,Conference Chair Key note speakers and reviewers. Assem Mousa,serves as E-Commerce Tech Support Systems Manager for Egypt Air. ,
Assem A. Hamied Moussa earned PHD ,2015
Author of Cloud of Things Books 2016
President of Success legacy, SCR &, ASDF in Africa
Chief Eng. at Egypt air
Member of United Nations High Meeting for SDG 2030;
High Level Speaker ,United Nations for WSIS 2015
High level speaker :Modern Africa airports,2017-2018.
Winner of Best industrial researcher in Dec 2014
Recognized internationally as E commerce global expert 2014-2015
Lifetime Achievement recognition by intercontinental Who’s Who
Member : International and Intercontinental who’s who.
Member of IEEE
Member of rotary club 1200 ,
E-commerce tech manager

3. Tom Duffy, Venture Capital Ambassador, USA

We work with early stage ventures & older established companies. I focus on emerging companies that can disrupt their market regardless of their stage or industry.We are a results driven private equity and venture capital firm we provide our clients a proven way to get the most important items done for their organization! We Pride ourselves on creating EBITDA growth,international Expansion and exit Strategies for our investors and clients .speaker board member

4. Giorgio Di Lorenzo, Cybersecurity AMbassador, Italia

Partner S3K spa , EvP Fabricalab (member of S3K s.p.a) presso S3K S.p.A. | Security of the Third Millennium , Divisione SAP , Divisione Business Intelligence , Centro d’eccellenza Cybersecurity

5.  Michel Zargka – Music Ambassador – Canada

An experienced executive with a successful career of over 30 years in the productions, communications, marketing, financial engineering and business development fields, Mr. Zgarka is highly skilled in strategic and creative planning, marketing and personnel management for the media industry. He is persuasive and possesses excellent communication skills that help build strong relationships. He is a rigorous and creative strategist with a proven track record of achieving and surpassing corporate objectives.

Mr. Zgarka has been a senior executive in numerous sound, film and television production, distribution and new technology companies. Michel Zgarka has produced, directed and distributed numerous film and television productions for the international marketplace.
Michel Zgarka has been a guest speaker at over 30 international entertainment industries events as well as recently the co-President of the Jury of the Rocky Awards at the Banff TV Festival (2009).
He also recently created a full program for a Quebec based career college about the technical and creative jobs in production. He writes editorials for several international publications especially for Video Age Int’l.
Michel Zgarka latest is Executive producing the follow up Christmas Special and TV Series of the 5 billion on Youtube hit property Gummibar & Friends as well as producing the High Concept/Prime Time TV Series titled SIGNS of which he is also the creator.
Michel Zgarka is the Co-Founder / Chairman/CEO of XII Tribes Entertainment, an international production company with offices in Paris, Los Angeles, London, New York, Calgary and Montreal.
Mr Zgarka has recently accepted to be the Delegate General of the Views of the World Film & Music Festival which will take place in Montreal.

6. Abderrahmen Kalifi – Real Estate Ambassador – Dubai

DON’T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR BEING A SALESPERSON. WE MAKE 3 TIMES MORE THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON. Wear your Sales title proudly. Wear it like a badge. You deserve respect. You have earned it. People do not realize how hard we have worked to make it. It’s like getting to the NFL. People grow up dreaming of playing in the Super Bowl & scoring the winning touchdown. But of the millions growing up with that dream, how many have done it? It’s the same in Sales. How many people tell you when they hear you are in sales “I tried sales but it wasn’t for me”? I hear it everyday. Sales is the hardest “easiest” job that you can find. People think we don’t work. Even those who failed in sales say they can do it. Morons! If they could, they would. So next time you make a call to a prospect. Don’t apologize for calling. You aren’t wasting the prospects time. You are going to make him money. You are going to make his job easier. Why apologize? So make that call. Stand up when calling. Be confident. Let the client feel your presence in the call. Let the client know how lucky they are you called. Be Proud.

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